Unlike Israeli allegations, Palestinians attack in defense of Al-Aqsa not result of poverty

Israel hardly attempts using its media and snappy security reports to distort the fact about Palestinians who commit the stabbings and hit-and-run attacks in the West Bank.

It alleges that the Palestinian young men are rushing to death as a result of their poverty; however, when you look close to their lives you will find them belonging to high class families.

A journey in Facebook profile to the martyr Mohanned Halbi who commits Jerusalem stabbings attack proves that he lived among a high class family which got a good reputation in the neighborhood.

Clearly, we can say that the only reason for Halbi to kill an Israeli settler is the recent Israeli violating acts against Al-Aqsa Mosque. It’s quite the opposite of Israeli media alleged.

Halbi, the student of law in Jerusalem University killed in stabbing attack after killing two Israelis and wounded a number of them.

The recent Israeli reports state that the attackers are between 18-20 years and they got incited especially by social media, most of them from poor families without any political affiliation.

These allegations are baseless as Alaa Abujammal,27, from Jerusalem who led a hit-and-run attack killing settler and wounding two other, is working at Bezeq Telecom. The videos show him leaving his car before he was shot by Israeli forces.

According to chief of Jerusalem committee for prisoners, the martyr Bahaa Elian is one of most activists popular. He is a designer and was active of readings initiatives that enter Guinness by, yet he gives everything for a heroin operation against Israelis, he killed 3 and wounded more than 20.

The respond of Elian and his follower Belal Ghanem comes quickly as a normal result to Israeli assassination crimes against Palestinians without any mercy.  The resent released video of Almen Manasra who was laying down asking for help after getting shot while every Israeli around was insulting and cursing him.

All Israeli crimes turn to be a public uprising that shacks all Palestine.

Since the beginning of October, 33 Palestinian were killed and more than 100 wounded according to the official sources.

Author: HL24

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